Our Process

At ZYMAC, we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our collaborative process. We talk to a lot of candidates and ask a lot of questions. While technology has made it easier to review a candidate’s title, experience and credentials, there are no short cuts to finding the right cultural fit, character, passion, vision, and motivation.

Our clients benefit from our relentless pursuit of candidates who share their values, goals and aspirations.

Step 1

Client Needs Analysis

Discovery Develop a search strategy Create an opportunity document Create a position description/requirement
Step 2

Identify Potential Candidates

Identify target clients to source Develop a list of names associated with target clients Potential candidates identified Begin to contact potential candidates
Step 3

Develop Short List of Candidates

Recruit, qualify, and screen Present and create interest in opportunity Develop a short list of candidates Present candidate to the client Conduct blind references
Step 4

Rank Candidates & Select Finalist

Schedule first interview Debrief client and candidates Rank candidates and select finalists Schedule follow-up interviews Prepare for final client interview
Step 5

Finalize Successful Candidate

Finalize round of interviews Reference checks Trial close Present offer & negotiate offer Close Follow-up periodically with both client and candidate