Our Process

1. Client Needs Analysis

  • Discovery
  • Develop a search strategy
  • Create an opportunity document
  • Create a position description/requirements

2. Identify Potential Candidates

  • Identify target companies to source
  • Develop a list of names associated with target companies
  • Potential candidates identified
  • Begin to contact the potential candidates

3. Develop Short List of Candidates

  • Recruit, qualify, and screen potential candidates
  • Present and create interest in opportunity
  • Develop a short list of candidates
  • Present candidate to the client
  • Conduct blind references

4. Rank Candidates and Select Finalist

  • Schedule first interview
  • Debrief client and candidates
  • Rank candidates and select finalists
  • Schedule follow-up interviews
  • Prepare for final client interview

5. Finalize Successful Candidate

  • Finalize round of interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Trial close
  • Present offer
  • Negotiate offer
  • Close
  • Follow-up periodically with both client and candidate